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Open letter to Robb Smith and Integral Life

Integral Life had organised a big conference last weekend in Colorado/USA where people from all over the world could participate via live streaming. That’s what we did and there were some things I wanted to bring to the awareness of the Integral Community which are of concern to me.

For who doesn’t know what “Integral” is: A short introduction by Jeff Salzman in our Wisdom Factory HERE

My open letter:

Hi Robb,

Heidi here from Italy with some feedback to and considerations of the conference. First of all: THANK YOU! It was great to be able to attend from Europe via Live Streaming – one of the miracles of modern technology for which I am very grateful.


There was a lot of interesting content offered by many competent and interesting people, I enjoyed it greatly, even at 3 am in the morning! I especially appreciated Helen Palmer and her reminder to not be attached to what we believe what we are and what we think is right or wrong as seen by the filters of our unconscious conditioning.

We see reality through our unconscious conditioning

In the light of Helen’s talk I want to send you some of my observations: I noticed in you a strong bias to not take into account the possibility that things could be different than we have seen them so far. In a true integral setting I would love to see openness to look into those things we “traditionally” considered not valid.

Specifically I am talking about a question from the audience about Wikileaks and conspiracy theories. You quickly swept it from the table together with laughing at the topic of “extraterrestrials” as science fiction, invented for movies for popular amusement – or, if you see it from a different perspective. for instilling fear and an unconscious bias in favor of the idea of threats coming from the universe towards us on earth. And this as a justification to increase our military force.


Do you believe in the power of science to reveal the truth through facts?

REAL science which tries to falsify the hypothesis instead of trying to find a few good arguments for an already existing idea? (as you defined good science in the conference). If so I suggest that you read Dr.Judy Wood’s “Where did the Towers go?” And then, please, give a new response regarding “conspiracy theories”. What you find in this book is pure scientific physical evidence which defies all the official stories about 9/11 and also the counter-conspiracy movements which, themselves, where undermined by forces which didn’t want the TRUTH to be known. The book is an extended forensic study of what has been found – or not found – in connection with 9/11 and you will ask yourself: “How could I believe in the stories”, what so many of us did: preferring to keep the eyes closed and to stay attached to our fundamental belief in the goodness of the world and, especially, in the US Government.

People fear to lose their attachments and don’t want to look at what reality is.

Lately, we showed the movie “Unacknowledged” to a group of expats here in Italy and it came out that we Europeans had no problem giving credence to what the disclosed documents were saying. The Americans among us just didn’t want their belief in their government and country to be compromised. Conscious or unconscious bias?

The movie shows declassified documents about UFOs. Yes, they exist, there is a mass of evidence, and only a few days ago many thousands of documents were officially disclosed around the topic of Extraterrestrials, even mainstream media talked about it. With some probability, though,  this is a new move towards fostering the belief about a  threat from outer space with the hope of “uniting humanity” against a common but constructed enemy, in order to begin a war and justify the crazy increase in military expenses to the benefit of a few psychopaths, reminiscent of the “weapons of mass destruction”.

And again at the cost of a huge number of people, if not of all humanity this time. What the USA did to its own people on 9/11 to justify a war (a very ancient strategy btw.) is absolutely appalling, horrible and unjustifiable. The fact that people still believe in the airplane story is only understandable from a psychological perspective and is deliberately ignoring evidence and “common sense” in order to protect old beliefs from where we draw our feeling of security.

Yes, we need to focus on the positive and to give our power to that. But we also need to not be blind to what reality is in this world of samsara.


Robb, you showed a chart about the power in the various stages and its expression. This is fine. BUT WHERE IS THE ABUSE OF POWER DISCUSSED? And what we can do to stop it? In the 30ies so many people in Germany didn’t believe in what was about to come – despite all evidence. We are in the same situation today. We don’t want to see the evidence for what is really going on and prefer to wrap our minds around Trump vs. Hillary. This is a huge error and limitation which i see expressed even with we people who believe to be at the cutting edge of development.

This is very much preoccupying to me as a German woman of the post-war generation. If WE laugh about things which the psychological warfare of the past 70 years has so thoroughly prepared us to do – who else can have enough perspective to really look behind the scenes and see from a broader point of view?

BTW, Hitler’s specialists in psychological warfare have been employed by the US military and the Hollywood films about Ufos are part of their strategy.


My wish for Integral Life and further events would be to include those topics which are very important to address in the light of co-creating a better future. I also wish the community to become more “integral” in many ways which it is definitely not (yet).

If the main perspective is still “masculine” as expressed in the numbers of male vs. female presenters and in the structure of the setting of the event as well as in the featured topics of this conference about technology etc. then, please, consider to embrace science fully and look for those who are dismissed for doing science that threatens the official narrative – or are silenced and even killed when it comes to fields like free energy. The list of victims of doing “unwanted” science is long! Dr.Judy Wood is one of many who lost their job because they discovered the truth behind the official stories.But, at least, she is still alive probably due to the existence of the internet which makes it much more difficult to just eliminate uncomfortable people.

Integral needs to take a stand here!

With gratitude, appreciation, love and hope


11 thoughts on “Open letter to Robb Smith and Integral Life”

  1. Well said Heidi, I did not follow this conference but still think your views in this article are extremely VALID!

  2. Dear Heidi. I hear you loud and clear and support your view points very much. We are in a new century but our action logic is in so many ways still that of the former century, even in very future oriented crowds. We are still more knowledge, than lived wisdom. It takes both dignity, courage and love for future generations to stand up for view points that challenge our very foundations of the status quo. Love from Denmark – Hanne

    1. Dear Hanna,
      Thank you so much for your comment. It feels good to realise that one doesn’t just shout into the wind!

      Yes, I think, you are right: thinking in more evolved ways doesn’t necessarily mean to leave the old paradigms behind and even less to BE LIVING and ACT from that new perspective. We all are struggling with that as we are not yet clear on where exactly to go, what to believe instead, and what axioms for the world and existence to adopt.

      For me it is important that this (our opening to the future and the insecurity about it) is acknowledged and included. I guess what I am asking is to go with more “feminine” procedures and ways of being and step away a little more from the “masculine” assertiveness and demonstration of “knowing it all already”.

  3. Hey Heidi,

    I missed the live streaming but your Article reminded me of the paradigm shift in this new generation. I totally agree with you that Integral Life need to make a firm stand for the better of our society.


  4. Dear Heidi,

    I totally agreed with you that Integral Life must make a firm stand on you suggestions for the good of the society.

    Best regards

  5. Robb Smith is correct to try to ignore the issue (to engage it is always a “lose-lose”). Spiritual counterculture (from the time of the original Wandervogels) is already full of lot of frauds and quacks claiming to represent something “new” but that in reality is just another aspect of “dis-integration” and subcultural atomization. (see David Chapman’s blog meaningness-dot-com)

    1. Thank you for your comment, Eric. I don’t agree with you here as, in my opinion, we all need to find our way through all the information which is out there. Some are scam, some aren’t. But before you don’t go deeper, if you just dismiss everything connected with certain topics, then the probability is high that you are NOT correct, that you miss out something important. The same thing here, as Wilber pointed out once, when people dismiss the relevance and effects of meditation because they think that it just cannot be according to their belief system. Only when they themselves learn how to do it they really can give any evaluation. In our context: Only if you are willing to get informed by many sources and evaluate their credibility, then you can decide if something is a scam or not. Dr. woods forensic analysis of what has or not has happened at 9/11 is scientifically solid and therefore credible for me, as I still believe in the value of the scientific method.

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