Jordan Peterson – Integral and not only for young men!

Ken Wilber interviewed about Jordan Peterson: a confirmation

When I came across Jordan Peterson, I was struck by his knowledge, bravery and ability to convey his ideas in a way which seemed “integral” to me. The integral community widely ignored Peterson at that time and I started to talk about him, with some success with people who actually took the time to listen what he was saying. The main message I got: Peterson is somewhere first tier, at best orange, probably blue – as he is focused of helping people to get some order into their lives -, but integral?

The Jeff Salzman, a highly esteemed integral podcaster, tooted into the same horn, to my surprise. I wrote two responses to him as an open letter, sent it also personally to him. (You can find them below)

I never got an answer. Why not? I guess that he hadn’t actually listened to enough of Peterson’s videos and made his judgement on an incomplete picture. No problem, we all learn more and more in time.  Later, when he was interviewed by Rebel Wisdom, he already spoke a little differently. (

What a satisfaction for my little ego when the last video of Rebel Wisdom came out, where Ken Wilber is interviewed about Jordan Peterson.  Ken says right away: Jordan is a INTEGRAL THINKER.  I was right and so was Mark with whom I had watched about a hundred of Peterson’s videos and had talked them over together. Finally the pro-con-conversations in the forums can get less derogative, hopefully acquire a little more appreciation for the enormous good work which Peterson has done – even if he doesn’t yet get far enough in some of his considerations, as Ken remarks.

Fact is that once, after the debate Peterson – Harris, I had written to Peterson and suggested to look into the integral roadmap. I felt that he was spending too much energy on exposing the differences by wanting to be right. This would become obsolete when he had seen that both of them were talking the about  the same thing, but from the perspectives of different quadrants. If they could see that, they would realize that they were more agreeing than disagreeing. Too bad that neither of them knows about Ken’s map. It would be very helpful for both of them and sharpen their message a lot. Also here: no answer. People are too busy I guess.

Ken Wilber and Jordan Peterson. Both have changed my life deeply, the way I see the world, myself and other people. Looking back in my life, these two men have had the biggest impact on me and my understanding of life on this planet. I am deeply grateful and happy that they are keeping up their good work in complementary to each other, each one covering important aspects, often overlapping, sometimes with different emphasis on different areas. Both together give a truly comprehensive picture of reality, in my opinion and in my own experience. THANK YOU! M

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