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The Coronapandemie – A disastrous collaboration of the memes

A consideration based on the levels of personal and collective development 

The colors beige, purple, red, blue. orange, green and more represent distinct levels of development of individuals and societies, following “Spiral Dynamics”, a theory elaborated by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan on the initial findings of Clare Graves.

How the levels express in the present crisis

What have the levels of development to do with the present Corona situation? I don’t want to waste too much time in explaining theoretically the characteristics of each of these levels, referred to by the above colours. I hope you will unterstand it while I am discussing the topic.It appeared to me lately that the levels explain a lot of what is going on right now.

What are the characteristic players in the game? 

There are people who use a lot of energy and power to fight for what they believe to be true. Depending on the objects, the intentions, the goals and the ethical majurity of the respective players, this trait can be very helpful or disastrous.

Other people feel alive and safe only in a setting which is highly reliable. They need law and order, rules and guidelines which are not to be questioned. The 10 commandments of the bible are an attempt to provide such a orientation framework. The individual is free from taking personal responsibility, because the rules are authority and to be followed, even when the resulting actions are harmful, unethical whatever. Today these are the rules of the government and the bible is represented by the mainstream media.

Galilei refused to believe in the doctrines of the church and opened up the world to scientific inquiry. Going out into the world with curiosity, question, what you find and look for even better solutions and explanations, never allow beliefs stop you from searching after truth! This gave rise to the materialistic science which observes measurable things, interprets the findings and discusses it with other findings in order to get to best possible answers.

This truth was looked for in the objective world. Our human inside world was not only neglected, but dismissed as irrelevant. We intuitively know that this is not true and new ways of looking at the world arose which not only included our feelings and personal experiences, but put them on the throne of the only way of knowing the truth. 

As we know by the work of Ken Wilber: every step into the next level leads us into denying the previous level as an error, but when settled in the new mindset, a successful development would embrace the valid findings and views of the previous levels. When this doesn’t happen, the development is unhealthy and leads to all sorts of complications and absurdities. I will talk about this below as it is a characteristic of our present moment.

How the levels operate in the corona crisis

In the following I won’t talk about where the virus comes from, if it is real or if there is some special agenda behind all that. I am only interested in the question, which sort of mindset leads to which behaviour, where mindsets enhance or hinder each other and how a solution could be found by understanding the limits of each mindset and how the disaster comes about when one or the other is believed to be the absolute truth.

What happened

In January 2020 we heard about a strange illness in China. China is far away and we would not have imagined that it could be relevant to us – except some scientists who immediately got curious and started their respective activities around the “new Coronavirus”

In March we were told that the most dangerous virus has entered Europe, especially Italy, where I live. People started to become fearful and they looked for information. In the last decades we had developed a sensitivity towards our health, we had promoted healthy food, exercise, vitamins and more to keep us healthy. We wanted to face the new illness by understanding it and knowing what we could do.

We relied on newspapers and official television channels to give us good information. Soon some of us got aware that our concerns were not satisfied by seemingly good explanations but ever increasing fear was induced throughout the population. Psychologically effective photos were published which heated up the fear because the real context was not given. They were used for propaganda – but what for and for whom? Only a few of us understood that right away, I didn’t at that time. 

We hoped for science to give us good insights, explanations and suggestions on how to deal with the situation. Very many scientists in the world started their relentless research. Soon we could see that only a handful of scientists were heard and their message spread in public media. Other specialists with long experience in the relevant fields were not heard or considered at all, they were not invited by our governments to collaborate in finding the best answers. They didn’t get a platform in our official media and soon they were ridiculed and cancelled in social media and elsewhere, one after the other.

Unhealthy memes – when development is incomplete

But how? Isn’t science a way of finding solutions by discussing the findings and improving them on the way? Science once was understood as a practice where you propose a theory and then try to falsify it. As long as you couldn’t do that, the finding was assumed as “true” – until a better argument came forth and was agreed upon. But now a different concept of “science” had gained precedence. It was alive before, but with the Corona situation, it showed its full distortion of understanding. This is a consequence of the “green meme”, prevalent now in western societies, which emphasis the relativity of “truth”. In short: “What I see as truth, is true, nobody has a better truth than mine”. Now you can call yourself a scientist if you went out to collect arguments for something which you have planned to prove. You are not inquiring to find out, you already “know” and fish for good rationalisations to convince others that you are right.

This is exactly the opposite of what real science is. It is open ended und curious what will come out when you apply the method. Now somebody – even our governments – asked scientists to find good enough arguments to “prove” that a lockdown is needed, for instance. (As was revealed in Germany) The official “scientists” avoid discussions with serious scientists who have come to different conclusions.  Why is this happening? Despite continuous invitations of alternative media to the “leading scientists” who direct the government decisions, they never show up to discuss their position. And in mainstream media hardly ever anybody is invited who has come to different results than the ruling opinion.

The developmental memes in play

Now coming back to the colors of “Spiral Dynamics”. The scientific method and good investigative journalism are expressions of the “orange meme”, of the modern mindset which is driven by curiosity. Post-modernism (green) has introduced the dogma that subjectivity is of more value than objectivity, and that there is an innumerable way of seeing and interpreting things, and therefore none is more important than any other. “Truth doesn’t exist” is the conclusion, and therefore what I personally think is as important than the interpretation of any other person. Scientist or not, expert or not. There is no difference. There is no hierarchy in the appropriateness and usefulness of ideas and strategies. Therefore I can do whatever I want, it is right, anyway. And to make it seem acceptable to those who still believe in science, I can find somebody who claims to be a scientist and ask him to support my truth.

We live in a disastrous clash between the orange and the green meme, or better between the healthy orange meme and the unhealthy green meme, the “mean green meme”, n expression coined by Ken Wilber in his book “Boomeritis”.

It is impressive how much power the “mean green meme” has gained in our societies despite the fact that not all of them have fully embraced it. But Germany has, as well as other western countries, especially the US and Canada, but also Australia and others. Its terminologies and practices have invaded most countries of the world to a certain degree, despite the fact that they, as societies, are not yet there. If the do it by free will or by pressure through the dominant countries is another question. Italy for instance, is still struggling with reaching the “blue” level (except the northern parts of the country where “orange” is dominant). The Corona measurements enhance this step into the blue level This explains why Italy is a willing player in this unholy game.

How can the nightmare end?

The “blue meme” is the mindset where following rules and obedience is most important. People rely on what they are told and are faithfully doing what they are told, even if it is to their disadvantage. When there is trust in the government, all people are likely to follow the rules and there is no reinforcement needed, as we have seen in Sweden during the past year. In Germany, where the population is in huge parts embracing the “orange” and “green” mindset, trust is only possible when reasonable, reliable explanations without contradictions are provided.

If there is transparency, and when it includes scientific findings of a whole variety of researchers, Every incongruence and censoring is a sign for them that something is going wrong, that they are subject to manipulation and they stand up to express there reasonable concerns. With every contradiction they detect in the official statements, their feeling to be deceived grows and the inner need arises to search for truth and fight for it. Then the state uses reinforcement of its rules by demanding absolute obedience and threatens with punishment. This works well in totalitarian states and generally in societies who have not yet developed beyond “blue”. It doesn’t work in more developed societies – and that is the only hope we have to end the present nightmare!

Again: the levels are the key

A society which has its center of gravity in “blue”, in the conformist stage of development, people have no major problems with following the given rules. That is their modality and the find relief in the fact that they don’t have to think for themselves and that others lead them the way. 

Societies on the modern (orange) level of development cannot just follow rules which in their own thinking don’t make sense. Individuals on this level need evidence and very good reasons before they adopt ideas and behaviours and they need permanent research for better reasons and solutions. They cannot accept rules which have no proven foundation in reality, and the more courageous and moral ones have the need to stand up against falsity and manipulation.

People in the green level of development have the sincere intention to care for others. When they are told that their grandma could die because of them not wearing a mask, they enter into emotional arousal, into a sense of guilt and shame, and therefore follow the first best idea they are offered in the sincere hope to be a useful member of society. They are not aware that the scientists they rely on are not working within the rigorous codex of how science needs to be done. They don’t notice the difference between modern and postmodern science, between the research for reliable facts as opposed to finding confirmation for ideas. So they proclaim “follow science”, but actually they ask us to believe those who manipulate or invent results in order to satisfy other agendas.

When people develop through the levels, they have incorporated the mindsets and principles of the previous ones, if they are aware or not. Now it depends on the way they have included their previous stages in order to express their latest stage in a healthy way. 

As I said before, scientists of the modern stage won’t easily follow the rules, given by the previous stage, unless they can fully understand their reason and usefulness. In the postmodern stage, people think that they are “better”, because they have compassion with people who suffer etc. And they have their own ideas about how the suffering in the world would be diminished without looking at reality, without even asking the actual people whom they pretend to care for what they want and need.  They arrogantly believe to know it better.

Those in the green stage who have not integrated well the “red” stage of development, which explores personal power, are very likely to refer to this unhealthily integrated mindset. “What I feel and think is right”, is the basic position. And if you don’t agree with me, then you are wrong, dangerous, my enemy (the “red” level is that of the warrior which is based on the distinction “right-wrong”).

Understanding better the present situation

From what I said about the stages, we can now look at the present situation in the western world and more easily understand why things are happening as they are. We see a clash of mainly three memes, the traditional, the modern and postmodern, with the insertion of “red” (the egocentric stage) in a decisive number of individuals in all of them.

Governments, or better the people who constitute governments love to use the power which hey have to pursue their tasks. This is ok as long as they use it for the benefit of their people, but when used to manifest their ideas and fantasies, it becomes a huge problem. The “red” drive in the single powerful individual is self serving, it uses the people for their own purposes. They might get suggestions, incentives or even pressure by other more powerful entities who want them to rule in a certain way ( the uncontrolled red drive of super rich individuals in the world). In order to satisfy the demands they are likely to promote rules which they believe to be useful for their goals. Here the conflict arises between climbing up the ladder and accepting immoral ways to do that on one side and on the other side wishing to serve the people of their country. Depending on their personal level of development they will chose to align with the evil or stand up against it which entails huge risks for their personal lives. We have not many heroes of this sort in the world, but fortunately there are some who feel the need for personal integrity and do what is needed to be done by taking the risks. “The heroes are the ones with the arcs in their backs”

The blue and orange stage

In a country like Germany there is a huge number of people located in the “blue” mindset, therefore they have no problems with following the rules and might not even question them. “Wanting to know” is not yet a constituent of their structure. 

But there are also many people in a modern mindset (orange) who need to understand, who want to know the truth. People in “blue” cannot understand their eagerness in questioning and trying to find out, in protesting against missing evidence because they sense of what is going on under the surface. Traditionally oriented people (in “blue”) put the truly “orange” – minded people in the corner of “dissidents”. “conspiracy theorists” and even more heavy offences. This is understandable from their point of view, but absolutely unfair towards those who happen to have different, but equally valuable  basic values.

The green stage

Many people in a genuine and healthy “green” mindset (Not to be confounded with any “green party or movement!!) are the driving forces in the protests. They intuit the danger of a totalitarian state, they want the best life for everyone, their values are love, understanding, good relationships and cooperation. They are deeply concerned about the direction our societies are going, driven by the unhealthy orange and blue mindsets. They are engaged in personal and spiritual development and they have “better” values than all other stages before. 

The green meme in its healthy form is the most advanced mindset in the world where quite a number of people are already in. There are two problems here: In their unhealthy form, green-driven people become fundamentalists and even use power over others to force them into their own ideas. This is definitely a regression into previous stages and very dangerous, as they are already more sophisticated than those who are genuinely expressing those stages.

Why all these levels cannot resolve the problem

But even the healthy expression of green cannot really resolve the problems for which they are a decisive motor. They, as any previous stage, are caught in the conviction to “know it all”, to be better than the others and that they consequently have to oppose and fight the others. With this attitude they contradict their own belief system and cannot succeed, unless…

Unless they do the jump into the next stage of development, where they would be able to see the bigger picture and to discriminate. They could recognise the value and usefulness of certain ideas and practices of other memes and use them in a constructive way. No fighting against others, but collecting every important perspective and trying to find the best practices possible in the given moment, always ready to adjust when better insights arise. With the basis of respect, care and in a loving attitude with no exclusion a better world can be enhanced.

The solution comes with a shift in consciousness

Yes, we still have to stand up against the excesses of power and indoctrination of previous memes, but mainly we have to work on the shift of individuals into more advanced levels of their personal development, into the opening of their mindsets into more complex and reality based understanding of the world, into giving up fundamentalism, power games, impotence and victimhood, and arrogance and hubris. We need to come to the very basic understanding of the interconnection of everyone and everything. 

I have faith that this will happen, some day. Until then there might be much upheaval and suffering in the world. I do hope that the birth process will be as smooth as possible, the pain tolerable and the joy over-boarding when we are born into the beauty and the miracle of life, of our planet and of existence itself.



Ein Brief an meine Nichte

Youtube Cover  des Gesprächs

Meine Liebe,

Danke für Deine Antwort auf mein Schreiben, in dem ich die Coronamaßnahmen als unverhältnismäßig bezeichne und dass sie mehr Schaden anrichten, als der Virus selber. Ich glaube, daraus zu hören, dass Du frustriert bist und es Dir schwerfällt, zuzulassen, dass andere Leute andere Weltsichten haben als Deine im gegenwärtigen Moment. Weltsichten ändern sich mit der Erfahrung. Wenn Du zurückdenkst, als Du 5, 10 oder 15 Jahre alt warst, da hast Du über die Welt bestimmt ganz anders gedacht als heute. Und wie Du die Welt sehen wirst in 5, 10 oder 20 Jahren ist kaum vorhersehbar. Unsere Weltsichten verändern sich in dem Maße. wie unsere persönliche Entwicklung verläuft, wie wir wachsen und reifen.

Die Stadien der menschlichen Entwicklung sind reichlich erforscht und auch die Bewusstseinsebenen, zu denen die Menschen Zugang haben. Jeder Mensch kann in seiner Entwicklung irgendwo Halt machen, obwohl er weitergehen könnte, aber es gibt viele Faktoren, die eine Weiterentwicklung behindern. Momentan sind  6 Bewusstseinsebenen in der westlichen Welt bei einer größeren Anzahl von Menschen vorhanden, angefangen mit der reinen Überlebensebene, über die  egozentrische, ethnozentrische zur weltzentrixhen  Ebene. Auf jeder Ebene haben die betreffenden Menschen ganz andere Weltsichten und Werte, das, was sie für wichtig halten ist oft diametral verschieden. Je mehr Ebenen Du selbst erfolgreich durchschritten hast, desto besser kannst Du die Bedürfnisse der vorangegangenen Ebenen verstehen, denn da warst Du früher ja auch einmal, aber du siehst nicht die Weltsicht der darauf folgenden Ebenen, denn die kennst Du ja noch nicht.

Es ist charakteristisch für die ersten 6 Ebenen, dass sie voll überzeugt sind, dass Menschen, die anders denken, komplett daneben sind – weil Du selber in Deiner Entwicklung erfahren hast, dass deine damaligen Ansichten zu limitiert waren, deshalb bist Du ja weitergegangen. Oder die Menschen sind noch am Anfang des Weges und können gar nicht sehen, was noch kommen würde  für sie, wenn sie weitergingen, und es daher nicht verstehen können, was die anderen denn da so sagen und tun.

Ab der 7. Ebene kann man sehen, welche Wahrheiten die einzelnen Ebenen zum Ganzen beisteuern können. “Nobody is smart enough to be wrong all the time”, mit anderen Worten: jeder hat ein Stück Wahrheit in der Hand, aber eben nur ein Stück, nie die ganze Wahrheit, die es als Absolutum nicht gibt.

Im Moment herrscht Krieg auf der Welt, der Meinungskrieg ist ja ziemlich deutlich auch unter uns. Wenn die eigene Meinung zum Fundamentalismus wird, wenn man sich nicht mehr austauscht und gemeinsam versucht, zu besseren Standpunkten zu kommen unter Einbeziehung von so vielen Perspektiven wie möglich, dann kommt es zum totalen Krieg, wie er gegenwärtig herrscht, wenn Menschen für das, was sie sagen angegriffen, verunglimpft und beruflich vernichtet werden. Leider sind da auch viele Menschen, die schon die 5. Und 6. Ebene erreicht hatten, und jetzt auf die 4 Stufe in deren  pathologischen Form zurückgefallen, in den Fundamentalismus: “Was ich sage ist richtig, alles andere muss gelöscht werden”, z.B. auf Youtube. Vor 80 Jahren hätte man die Bücher verbrannt, der Mindset ist der Gleiche.

Wenn ich also bestimmte Sachen in der Familie anspreche, kommt das aus meinem Jahrzehntelangen Wachstumsprozess durch die Ebenen, der oft sehr schmerzlich war, aber ich bin dankbar heute, dass ich gelernt habe, die DInge aus der mir maximal möglichen Anzahl von Perspektiven zu sehen. Das ist etwa so, wenn man, statt mitten im Wald zu stehen und nicht zu wissen, wohin man gehen soll, von oben herunterschauen kann und aus dieser Perspektive erst sehen kann, wo genau man eigentlich ist und wie man aus dem Wald hinaus kommt..

Dein Vater hat mir mal ein Buch gegeben über den Nationalsozialismus in Coburg, unsere Stadt, die den traurigen Rekord hat, die erste gewesen zu sein, die mit dem Nazitum ernst gemacht hat. Ich stelle mir vor, wie unsere Eltern als Kinder in dieser Atmosphäre von Unrecht, Verleumdung, Entwürdigung, Misshandlung und Propaganda hatten aufwachsen müssen. Später sagte unsere Mutter immer wieder: “wehret den Anfängen”. Wir hatten uns so sicher gefühlt, dass so etwas nie wieder geschehen könnte, wir haben daran geglaubt, dass unsere Regierungen gut seien und die Dinge schon für uns richten würden. 

Aus meiner  jahrzehntelangen Illusion über die Realität in unseren Ländern bin ich vor einigen Jahren aufgewacht durch Geschehnisse, die ich mit eigenen Augen beobachtete und durch unbezweifelbare Belege zu einigen Dingen, die passiert sind. 

Jetzt bin ich diejenige, die der jüngeren Generation sagen möchte “wehret den Anfängen” – obwohl wir jetzt die Anfänge schon weit hinter uns gelassen haben. Ihr seid diejenigen, die ihr die gegenwärtigen gravierenden Fehler Euer Leben lang ausbaden müsst. Tut alles, euch umfassend zu informieren, von wirklich allen Seiten und überlegt selber, was Sinn macht und was nicht. Schaut nach, wo Ihr ideologische Haltungen habt, anstatt nach den Tatsachen zu forschen. Sucht nach blinden Flecken in Eurer Wahrnehmung, in eurem Denken und in eurem Herzen. Glaubt nicht, was die anderen sagen, wenn ihr es nicht selber einer eingehenden Prüfung unterzieht. Und seid Euch dessen bewusst, dass sich Eure Einstellung zu den Dingen ändern wird, wenn ihr über einen größeren Weitblick und über mehr Informationen verfügt. Haltet nicht an Ideologien fest, wenn Ihr erkannt habt, dass da etwas faul daran ist. 

Habt keine Angst, Euch zu entwickeln. Die Evolution geht weiter, auch gegen Euren Willen. Aber freiwillig sich auf den Weg zu machen dürfte letztendlich weniger schmerzhaft sein als das verspätete Aufwachen, wenn die Scherben schon auf dem Boden liegen.

Wenn Du mehr erfahren willst, dann kannst Du Dich gerne an mich wenden.

Hier ein Interview mit Wulf Mirko Weinreich, das den Dingen genauer auf den Grund geht


Death and rebirth

Summer is over. The trees begin to lose their leaves, nature is preparing for winter in our Northern hemisphere. Traditionally this was the time of the year which we associated with death. The death of nature, where the visible life withdraws and retracts into the potential for the rebirth next spring.

Our societies have lost many traditions, most of us are hardly aware of the change in Nature. We have heating and electric light when it is cold and dark and we have air conditioning in our houses for when it is hot. We have the possibility to survive the heat in artificial surroundings like shopping centers and recreational inside parks. 

Ignoring Nature, ignoring Death

We don’t care about Nature, in so many ways. And we don’t care about life, not really. Not at all about death. We try to ignore it as much as we can, only the names of certain days in the calendar,  like “All Saints” and “Totensonntag” (a protestant special day in Germany for remembering the dead) remind us about death and the people who have died in the past. How come that we need special periods and days to remember death and that we need to face it, sooner or later, ourselves? And how many people actually are willing to be reminded of it? Why is the topic such a taboo today which we try to avoid by all means?

The prize we pay for ignoring death and grief

Sooner or later every human being is confronted with death. Our parents die at some point, maybe a friend or our partner, even our child might be taken away from us by death. Now we cannot ignore it anymore. The question comes up now: how can we handle the loss, the grief and our new situation where the other is gone? We don’t find a lot of support in our surroundings, people feel awkward, shy away, avoid you even – and especially – in the moment when you are most vulnerable and would need their presence most. Colleagues at work expect you to show up after a few days as if you had taken a sick leave and everything was perfect again.  Death is cruel and the absence of a proper place for it in our society makes it infinitely more cruel – and we pay a huge prize for it, collectively.

Corona shows us our attitude towards death

At the bottom of how the Corona Crisis is handled by our societies lies the repressed fear of death. Death is the enemy which justifies all sorts of cruel practices. People are left alone in hospitals, entangled in all sorts of wires and tubes, unable to articulate themselves, unable to experience any benefit of being alive in such a situation and kept away from those people who could offer consolation, companionship and relief of fear and pain. They die under inhuman conditions and are taken away, somewhere, without having been able to say good bye. 

Quantity trumps over Quality

A society which sees human beings as a machine which needs fixing throws away the useless, life-less parts. Focused on the life of the body we reduce ourselves to meaningless creatures and we betray the deeper value of our existence as humans. We totally undervalue our interiority, our feelings, our psyche, our soul, as something to be discarded, unimportant. We value quantity before quality. We don’t allow people to decide if they want to enjoy their lives in the given circumstance as opposed to prolong it by any means. 

We are treated like little children – a call for personal responsibility

Many questions arise which find stereotyped answers most of the time, often even mandatory answers with the thread of punishment. Is a grandparent allowed to chose taking the risk of going to see their grandchildren despite the danger of catching Covid? Is the state authorised to forbid social contacts? Wouldn’t it be better to encourage responsibility in people and allow them to decide themselves – by giving them honestly the maximum available information – but certainly not only from the purely medical perspective – which are needed for their own decisions? Instead we are flooded with  fear mongering which is based on our collective neglect of death as part of life, which, after all, is unavoidable and needs to be integrated in life as the goal towards which every single one of us is heading.

Conscious Ageing, Conscious Dying = Conscious Living

For November 2020 I put together a short series of conversations about Death, Dying, Rebirth and the quality of Life. You find it at www.TheWisdomFactory.net

David Lorimer from the “Scientific and Medical Network” starts off the series, followed by a panel conversation among widows, an interview with a hospice worker and a conversation on how the experience of accompanying a partner into death can change one’s personal and work life.