How climate change manifests itself

Climate change?

Snow in the Alps in July and less than 20° in middle Italy. There are still people who negate the sheer possibility that we humans have any connection with things like that. Or it is God who sends us everything – and easy perspective for believers – or it just happens, has always happened etc. or your thermometer is simply wrong and it is normally hot, too bad you cannot feel it. So there is something wrong with you, not our collective unconscious behavior.

River Tiber in July
River Tiber in July

No matter to what camp you belong. Fact is that German summers seem to enter into the Mediterranean area, so that UK people, used to permanent rain, found the same thing in June in Toscana and now our German guests enjoy a cool day which resembles a lot to those because of which they drove 18 hours to be here.


This part of the post was originally published on in July 2016 which, then, I used as a sort of journal for my thoughts.

Now it is January 2017 and another round of climate-changed situations have come forth.

It was unusually warm until Christmas, temperatures over 15°C and everlasting sunshine (where you could literally be in the sun like in autumn). We had 15°C in December before, but accompanied with “Scirocco”, the warm wind from Africa, which brings rainy warm weather. No rain for weeks, always sun – which is wonderful if you can forget the implications and just live here as a tourist who doesn’t care).

Ice on the ground
Ice on the ground

The the bitter  cold came, freezing temperature,. under -6°C at night and some days hardly over 0°C – while all the time the sun is shining.

The polar winds, colder and more violent than the normal “Tramontana”, they tell the story of the disturbed current around the North Pole, where the extreme cold can now escape the closed circuit and the warmth can invade it. What is bed about that? Well, the ice melts quicker, the polar animals loose their habitat and soon countries like the Netherlands will be erased from the map – as well as all the beach recreation places where we, still, enjoy our holidays and spare time.

Houses along a lake
Where will the water go?

How long will it take? 10 year? 20 years? Where will new dikes be build Netherlands, north of Germany) and where not (Bangladesh, I suppose), and how long can these dikes avoid the flooding?

I wish you a happy 2017 – and some thoughts about what YOU could do to send the rumbling train to a different binary!


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