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Never say: this is impossible!

An airplane, thought out by Leonardo da Vinci (object in the exhibition in Tübingen/Germany)

Visionaries see reality differently

It is only about 100 years ago that airplanes exist. we seem to have forgotten the short time span in which dreams of early visioneries came true. 500 years ago, Leonardo daVinci tried to find solutions for problems of his time, some of them worked, some of them were considered impossible, like people flying like birds.

Perpetuum mobile – does it exist?

DaVinci tried also to construct a “perpetuum mobile”, an everlasting movement. It didn’t work out and since then people kept believing that it doesn’t exist and never can. That’s what a visitor at the exhibition in Tübingen told me: He has learned at school, that it doesn’t exist. well, yes, at the material level with all the frictions and disturbances. But DaVinci’s dream has become true on the quantum level. But who understands Quantum Physics enough to come to be convinced that a perpetuum mobile really exists, despite what the old text books teach us? On the quantum level many things are possible which we ignored and are still ignoring. We need dedicated scientists to find that out, and fortunately there are many, although not recognized by main stream conventional science doctrine.


New Energies – Breakthrough Energies

The promise of new energies and more: what I take away from the Breakthrough Energy Conference two weeks ago.

I need to say right away, these “New energies” have nothing to do with solar panels or windmills which seem to be the only ways of producing “clean energy” in the public opinion. Underneath of the desperate cry for abandoning fossil fuels. which is not backed up by any viable solution concept, there are pioneers all over the world, who dedicate their time and money to the research of truly new ways of energy production. 

How come that these possibilities do not appear anywhere in the climate change debate? 

Climate protection is not protection of earth and nature – the shortsightedness of the present discussion

Why do we want to destroy our landscape with fields of solar panels or huge windmills which plaster the soil with masses of concrete and hack birds into pieces? Why don’t we consider that, at night, when our future electric cars need to be charged, there is no sun to provide energy? And why don’t we consider either, how huge parts of the country would be filled with ugly buildings, containing batteries? It will be like a city behind the city, but with dead material which is difficult to dispose when exhausted! People seem to believe, that all these problems either don’t exist or resolve themselves without any problem,. 

It would not be the first time that good intent leads to a catastrophe.

And in the meantime we will be asked to pay taxes on CO2 emissions, which won’t eliminate the problem, but only increase the gap in life-quality, between the rich and the poor, between those who have enough money to buy a new sophisticated car and take airplanes at higher costs, and those who cannot afford any of that any more..

Why can’t people see that the really good solutions are around the corner and look totally different than what we are offered so far? 

Probably because we are culturally stuck in a worldview of more than 100 years ago. The physics which is still taught in schools and universities doesn’t allow, what in former times was called the “Perpetuum Mobile”. And yet, there is clear evidence, theoretical and practical, that there are machines which generate energy without constant input: after an initial kick they go on by themselves.

The old dream of humanity has become true – and the people ignore it completely.
– How tragic is that!?!

All new things take time, yes. The inertia is huge. All textbooks would need to be rewritten, the scientific view on the world would be upside down, and naturally people stick to their old beliefs and ideas as long as possible. The motto is:

 “Even if it was true, I wouldn’t believe it”

My takeaways from the Global Breakthrough Energy Conference

The conference was very encouraging and also consoling to me. I didn’t certainly understand the math and all of the graphs which were shown, but what I understood was the following:

  • With a holistic view on the world and a really open mind you can find completely new concepts in a new reality
  • We totally underestimate the power of water which goes far beyond water driven turbines!
  • This reality is spiritual. Materialistic science without the spiritual dimension misses out the most import insights and the true reality of the Kosmos
  • Transmutation is occuring in the labs. Alchemie is real. With that we can/could clean the present pollution of the world and shorten the decay time of atomic waste, change poisonous material into innocuous water and much more.
  • These new processes arise by learning from Nature . aligning with it and imitating its processes, instead of disrupting Nature (the current paradigm)
  • The sacredness of existence is the basis of all future development and the desire to support life in any aspect. 
  • Free energy devices are on their way, the Perpetuum Mobile is real, and  the end of the petrodollar – and with that of our present economic system – will gradually arrive. 
  •  Visions for a new economy are based on trust and transparency.

Whoever is inspired by what I write: You can buy the recordings of the conference of this year at https://globalbem.com/. Sooner or later they will appear on their Youtube channel where you can already find a lot of information. In the past years it seemed to be more about uncovering the things which don’t work in science and society. This conference instead was in a total positive view on the future where crucial problems can be solved – as soon as humanity is ready for that and willing to step out of the unconscious ways of being completely blind and ignorant.