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Never say: this is impossible!

An airplane, thought out by Leonardo da Vinci (object in the exhibition in Tübingen/Germany)

Visionaries see reality differently

It is only about 100 years ago that airplanes exist. we seem to have forgotten the short time span in which dreams of early visioneries came true. 500 years ago, Leonardo daVinci tried to find solutions for problems of his time, some of them worked, some of them were considered impossible, like people flying like birds.

Perpetuum mobile – does it exist?

DaVinci tried also to construct a “perpetuum mobile”, an everlasting movement. It didn’t work out and since then people kept believing that it doesn’t exist and never can. That’s what a visitor at the exhibition in Tübingen told me: He has learned at school, that it doesn’t exist. well, yes, at the material level with all the frictions and disturbances. But DaVinci’s dream has become true on the quantum level. But who understands Quantum Physics enough to come to be convinced that a perpetuum mobile really exists, despite what the old text books teach us? On the quantum level many things are possible which we ignored and are still ignoring. We need dedicated scientists to find that out, and fortunately there are many, although not recognized by main stream conventional science doctrine.


New Energies – Breakthrough Energies

The promise of new energies and more: what I take away from the Breakthrough Energy Conference two weeks ago.

I need to say right away, these “New energies” have nothing to do with solar panels or windmills which seem to be the only ways of producing “clean energy” in the public opinion. Underneath of the desperate cry for abandoning fossil fuels. which is not backed up by any viable solution concept, there are pioneers all over the world, who dedicate their time and money to the research of truly new ways of energy production. 

How come that these possibilities do not appear anywhere in the climate change debate? 

Climate protection is not protection of earth and nature – the shortsightedness of the present discussion

Why do we want to destroy our landscape with fields of solar panels or huge windmills which plaster the soil with masses of concrete and hack birds into pieces? Why don’t we consider that, at night, when our future electric cars need to be charged, there is no sun to provide energy? And why don’t we consider either, how huge parts of the country would be filled with ugly buildings, containing batteries? It will be like a city behind the city, but with dead material which is difficult to dispose when exhausted! People seem to believe, that all these problems either don’t exist or resolve themselves without any problem,. 

It would not be the first time that good intent leads to a catastrophe.

And in the meantime we will be asked to pay taxes on CO2 emissions, which won’t eliminate the problem, but only increase the gap in life-quality, between the rich and the poor, between those who have enough money to buy a new sophisticated car and take airplanes at higher costs, and those who cannot afford any of that any more..

Why can’t people see that the really good solutions are around the corner and look totally different than what we are offered so far? 

Probably because we are culturally stuck in a worldview of more than 100 years ago. The physics which is still taught in schools and universities doesn’t allow, what in former times was called the “Perpetuum Mobile”. And yet, there is clear evidence, theoretical and practical, that there are machines which generate energy without constant input: after an initial kick they go on by themselves.

The old dream of humanity has become true – and the people ignore it completely.
– How tragic is that!?!

All new things take time, yes. The inertia is huge. All textbooks would need to be rewritten, the scientific view on the world would be upside down, and naturally people stick to their old beliefs and ideas as long as possible. The motto is:

 “Even if it was true, I wouldn’t believe it”

My takeaways from the Global Breakthrough Energy Conference

The conference was very encouraging and also consoling to me. I didn’t certainly understand the math and all of the graphs which were shown, but what I understood was the following:

  • With a holistic view on the world and a really open mind you can find completely new concepts in a new reality
  • We totally underestimate the power of water which goes far beyond water driven turbines!
  • This reality is spiritual. Materialistic science without the spiritual dimension misses out the most import insights and the true reality of the Kosmos
  • Transmutation is occuring in the labs. Alchemie is real. With that we can/could clean the present pollution of the world and shorten the decay time of atomic waste, change poisonous material into innocuous water and much more.
  • These new processes arise by learning from Nature . aligning with it and imitating its processes, instead of disrupting Nature (the current paradigm)
  • The sacredness of existence is the basis of all future development and the desire to support life in any aspect. 
  • Free energy devices are on their way, the Perpetuum Mobile is real, and  the end of the petrodollar – and with that of our present economic system – will gradually arrive. 
  •  Visions for a new economy are based on trust and transparency.

Whoever is inspired by what I write: You can buy the recordings of the conference of this year at https://globalbem.com/. Sooner or later they will appear on their Youtube channel where you can already find a lot of information. In the past years it seemed to be more about uncovering the things which don’t work in science and society. This conference instead was in a total positive view on the future where crucial problems can be solved – as soon as humanity is ready for that and willing to step out of the unconscious ways of being completely blind and ignorant.

The reason why our air is still polluted and the climate is changing

I invited people to a movie which gives the answers to why our air is still polluted and why our climate is changing. It is shocking and some people in the audience didn’t want to believe what they saw. But others were excited to learn more about the reality of our world, the technological possibilities – and the way they are kept secret for greed and fear. There is no big money in adopting what is called “free energy” – so why would our economic system adopt it? In fact, it doesn’t and the leading forces do everything they can to keep the secrecy and even kill people who know too much about it.

This is the letter I wrote to my local friends to join the movie and have a discussion about it afterwards. I will write below about the amazing variety of insights we collected after the movie.

The invitation:

Did you know that we could live in a clean and healthy environment, that the world wouldn’t know poverty anymore and everyone could have all the energy they need for free?

Did you know that the technology to accomplish all this emerged already 100 years ago and since the 50’s has been fully developed?

Dirty Air
Living inside a veil

So why do we still burn fossil fuels, poison our air and use the oceans as dustbin for plastic and the litter of our life?

Did you ever ask yourself that question? And if so, did you think: well, that’s how our economy works and probably it is not true that we all could be off the grid.

That means that you have bought into the official story which those who hold the power are busy telling us. They were the ones who made sure that all your doubts would be called “conspiracy theory” and ridiculed as products of immature minds.

So what do you need to change your mind? EVIDENCE and not simply vague ideas!

Will you dare to look into the evidence and become aware of what really is going on in the world, behind the scenes and out of normal people’s imagination?

Isn’t it better to KNOW instead of GUESSING?

My personal experience:

Since I really know these things, paradoxically, I feel much quieter and more confident. It is better to know what we encounter instead of panicking when something unexpected happens which we could have instead foreseen. That’s me. Only 2 years ago I would have believed what most of you still believe. But the evidence has opened my eyes and mind and I also have gained a certain idea of what I –  better we – can do in the face of reality which is hidden under huge veils of secrecy.

We invite you to watch the movie “Unacknowledged” by Steven Greer

The movie, on the surface, talks about Extraterrestrials and their existence on Earth.

But this is not the real topic.

The underlying question is: Why is the presence of beings from other planets or galaxies so ridiculed and suppressed? Why is there the highest grade of secrecy applied to this topic in ways that even the US presidents are denied access to the information?

The answer is astonishingly simple: The existence of what can be summarized as “FREE ENERGY ”, which has been detected by scientists from the early 20th century on and what has also been found in the so called UFOs which have crashed on earth and which have been eagerly studied by the military to re-engineer their energy system.

The end of pollution and poverty in the world

If the Government released the documentation people would know that free energy is available and would ask why they don’t get it and why they are forced to breathe dangerous air and drink polluted water and helplessly watch the effects of climate change. Our economic system would collapse when we have free energy available for all of us. And there are certainly many people who don’t want that but prefer to destroy the planet.

The evidence is undeniable . It has awakened me from a dream of “somehow we will go on” and “people try to do their best, they are not evil in their hearts”. Well, some are and they are enough to destroy life on our planet if we don’t wake up, all of us, and present our demand for life-fostering technology and stop the destruction.

BTW. I am not astonished that there is resistance to release all documentation around the death of J.F. Kennedy. He is said to have tried to get the information about the UFOs and the connected technology and bring it to the public. A coincidence?

After the movie

About 20 people remained after the movie to discuss the subject. We separated into 3 groups, mainly connected by language. Every group had the assignment to have all members talk about their experience, their insights and what has struck them most by viewing the film. Notes were taken and at the end presented to everyone. The variety of contributions was astonishing, from absolute agreement to what they saw and heard to severe doubt and the attempt to explain things away.

Topic UFOs and Extraterrestrials

One possible shape of an UFO
One possible shape of an UFO

Do UFOs and extraterrestrials really exist? Most people had no problems with that. But those who do try to explain the appearance of strangely moving lights in the sky or even the testimonials of people who have seen saucer shaped object themselves as “natural” phenomena. Well, yes, we see what we allow to pass our perceptive filters (see my article on that HERE).

Secrecy and Manipulation

Top Secret
The status of the information

Then it comes to the secrecy about the subject, the manipulation of the public media and the existence of the “Deep State”, a power holding entity in the US which is not controlled by any democratic institution in the country but operates totally hidden and exercises secrecy without mercy. Here we could notice a difference between “native” Americans in the audience and Europeans. We Europeans are inclined to believe that this sort of absolute power exists in the US. But we are not so sure about Europe because we don’t have extensive interests in space programs like the US.

Americans had a hard time to even imagine that the Deep State could be true. This applies also to the testimony about the corruption of the free press which just cannot speak about certain topics or is forced to delay or distort the content. The counter argument was: “if the media would have been infiltrated, we would have heard about it”. Really?

In my opinion Americans fear losing their faith in their country – and that is really a huge challenge and it holds much more at stake regarding their identity than it does for us Europeans.

Where is the Free Energy?

Tesla Experiment flashes
Tesla Experiment

The film ends with the statement of the “Lost Century”, where fossil fuels have caused huge damage to our planet and to the people while in secrecy there are already technologies discovered for clean energy, the so called “Free energy”. It was discovered more than 100 years ago by Tesla – and was suppressed almost immediately for economic reasons. You cannot make people pay for something you cannot attach a meter to!

Free energy and anti-gravity propulsion systems have been studied by the special access programs of the US military in depth, mainly by re-engineering crashed extraterrestrial spacecrafts.

Only very few people in the discussion groups were interested in this part of the film. Some had never heard about Tesla and their difficulty was obvious in even imagining energy which doesn’t need electric lines or batteries. But there were also people who knew about cold fusion and mentioned that it had been discovered also here in an Italian research Center in Naples – whose leading scientist has disappeared. So the merciless suppression of groundbreaking technologies is not only happening in USA!

Where to find trustworthy information?

If you have read until here then you are seriously interested in the topic. Great! There is a lot of trustworthy information on the internet – and also a lot of crap. You need to decide whom you want to give credence to. We, ourselves, trust in those sources which offer evidence, scientific evidence or the testimonials of trustworthy people whose words can tell if they speak the truth. We don’t follow those who merely offer personal opinions without being able to back them up. When we listen to what people say we critically look for incongruencies and then decide if we can accept their words. We have listened to many people and we are especially fascinated by those witnesses whom Steven Greer has interviewed on camera and whose long testimonials are available on Youtube, some of them mind blowing and heart breaking. You can start with these.


Is that true? – Facing the Fake News Society

Is that true? Believing vs. Knowing


“Do you believe that ETs exist?” a friend asked me lately after we watched the movie “Unacknowledged”. Do you believe that they exist? Is that true? I couldn’t answer the question, I stumbled over the word ”believe”. When do you believe something? When do you know it, or when do you intuit that something is true?


In the following, I will outline some thoughts about the different ways of judging if something exists or not, if something is “true” or not, and how we can judge about truth and “fake news”.


Hypothesis: Only what you can see exists. True?


Mathematical equations
Mathematical equations describe reality

Let’s begin with Mathematics. Does it exist? Do you believe it exists, or do you know it? Or do you assume that it exists, for several reasons; maybe because they tried to teach you something with that very name in school and so it must exist! One thing is obvious: you cannot SEE mathematics, you can use it by writing down equations, all sorts of symbols, and miraculously something meaningful comes out at the end – or, if not, you have made some error. So mathematics exists although it is a non-material “thing” which nobody has ever seen, but using its principles leads to interesting insights about what actually does exist in the material world.


So you probably don’t BELIEVE that mathematics exists, you KNOW it.


What about electricity? You cannot see it either, but touching a plug with a wet hand – or, worse, letting your hair dryer fall into your sink filled with water – you certainly have the direct experience of its existence. First, you better BELIEVE the warnings to be careful in similar circumstances and then you will KNOW it for certain as soon as you undergo such an experience or watch it happen to others.


So, do extraterrestrials exist?


Coming back to that question: You probably haven’t seen any yet, but does that mean that they don’t exist? Remember what we have shown with the examples of mathematics and electricity. You might have seen the famous movie “ET” and heard people arguing about the question if aliens really exist or if they are only the purposeful invention of someone or, alternatively, the hallucination of super crazy people who claim to have seen some spaceship appear in the skies. If it is so, you only have the choice to BELIEVE it or not, you cannot KNOW it. You might evaluate how trustworthy the sources of these pieces of information are, but you don’t really have the means of KNOWING as opposed to BELIEVING – or hoping or fearing or whatever.


If you should see yourself these super bright lights which they say accompany spaceships on the sky, would you then BELIEVE it? Or would you think you even KNOW it because you have seen the phenomena with your own eyes? This could well have been the case from the beginning of time until about 60 years ago. But now? Since modern technology is able to fake a spaceship there is much probability that somebody from this planet is trying to deceive you. (If you doubt this statement, get the documentary “Unacknowledged” or start with watching the movie below)


Don’t trust your eyes and what official manipulation wants you to see.


So in the case of extraterrestrials, you cannot use BELIEVE to answer the question but you need to arrive at KNOWING.


How can you arrive at knowing?


That’s easy when you know a little about humans and psychology. From innumerable studies – and from mythological stories like that of Cain and Abel (watch here Jordan Peterson talk about the biblical story of Cain and Abel) – we know that the individual hides everything from others which they don’t want them to know, and he/she envies, attacks and ultimately destroys everything and everyone who embodies their ideal, the thing or the being that they themselves most deeply desire to be or to possess when they realize that they can neither be it nor get it themselves.


Let’s assume that ETs don’t exist.

Ok, fine. Everybody could talk freely about the topic, nobody would care, it would only serve as a topic for films or a hobby for people who have no better thing to do than observing the sky. But how then could the phenomena be explained? What other explanation would be credible?

But if we assume that technology is able to do similar things, the urgent question arises: How? There is no easily accessible info on the Internet about how flying saucers are constructed and how they work. Does this information exist or not exist? Who is hiding it? And if it doesn’t exist, then the question remains what are these observed phenomena.


Now let’s assume that ETs exist.

Ufos in the night sky?
Ufos in the night sky?

So why don’t we all know about it? Why is there such secrecy around it? People who are ridiculed when exposing what they know – or in the worst case, as happened many times, killed? Why would you kill anyone who claims to know how the extraterrestrial spaceships work? Why were so many researchers assassinated who had developed alternative and low-cost (or free) functioning energy sources? Guess who is interested in NOT everyone having access to abundant resources and thriving lives? Well, we know who; those who would lose most when humanity would adopt the alternative energy systems.


Here is the principle which makes clear that ETs must exist:

Something is ever more likely to be true the more someone tries to hide it from the eyes of others.


Coming back to the initial question: Do you believe that ETs exist? Or do you know it?


brain, both hemispheres
Left brain hemisphere, the place for logical deduction

I cannot speak for you, but the logical deduction tells a clear story: ETs DO exist and they threaten the power of those who were able to gain unimaginable power over us, over the whole world, in the past century. It began with the US military who, by themselves, gathered all available evidence about ET existence – and locked it away in such a way that not even the president or CIA boss is granted access to the documentation. (Watch the below movie for the evidence of what I am saying here)


You might say that this is a conspiracy theory, and you are free to do so, when you BELIEVE it to be the case.  My BELIEF is directed to the credibility of the sources and the documented events and to the “misfortunes” which happened to so many people who seriously researched the topic. I believe in the information I get from people who I personally know as trustworthy or who I have observed for quite a time and have come to the conviction that they are speaking credibly.


AXIOMS are at the base of deduction 

On earth parallels never meet – an assumption which works fine here, but not in space

That is my basic “axiom” from which I start my logical conclusions. Axioms are those entities which cannot be proved true within the system itself and therefore need to be assumed as true in order to construct a valid and true conclusion from propositions within the system. When axioms change the conclusions change – you might remember the famous Euclidian parallels which never meet, and a completely new geometry arose when this axiom was dropped.


Regarding the existence of ETs in the Kosmos: The other axiom for my deductions is grounded in the laws of human behavior as briefly outlined above: “If you have nothing to hide why do you keep it secret at all costs?” Or better; whenever you use drastic means to keep things secret, these things are real and others knowing about them is highly threatening to you.


Therefore my conclusion: ETs exist.


For me, aliens do exist and they visit our planet to make sure that our destructivity won’t erase our planet and our species, as well as damage the whole Universe. Our human capacity for endless fighting and destruction for egocentric motives is exemplified in atomic warheads directed not only on locations on this earth but also into space.

An atomic explosion
The ultimate destructive power of ill intended humans

We humans are a menace, not only to ourselves but also for whatever might be living in the Kosmos – and NOT the other way round! Despite the fact that psychopathic leaders and those behind the official leadership carousel wanting us to believe in their story. They keep doing this in order to maintain the personal advantage which they draw from the present economic system of scarcity. Fossil energy as the basis of the world economy is not only depriving us humans from the clean air and water which we need for survival, they also keep us in artificial scarcity by means of which they are able to continuously accumulate material wealth.

“Free energy” – the consequence of modern science and alien example

The aliens have mastered the “free energy” challenge and overcome gravity and other basic laws which civilian human science is still struggling with. They use what is presently called “free energy” which has been discovered by many individuals from about 150 years ago on. We all could already live on a clean planet if the main exponents of this KNOWLEDGE hadn’t been eliminated and their documents weren’t hidden. It is useless to hope that the change will come from those who have all the interest in keeping the knowledge hidden. The Internet presently gives us the chance that what has once been discovered can be rediscovered again – and every time it gets easier. (see “Cosmic Grooves” by Ken Wilber). The more that people come out with their ideas and devices and the more it happens in completely publicly, the more it will be difficult to kill all of them and to continue to hide what all humanity has the right to know and use for the benefit of EVERYONE.

The documents available

There is a movie to watch about this topic bringing many testimonies for the existence of what we have talked about here. The movie is a sort of summary of many hours of footage, much of which published on Youtube and certainly worthwhile to watch – if you need more evidence to get from “believing” to “knowing”

Where in the world would you like to live? – Taking a peak into the future.

There were times, not too long ago, where the question of where you would like to live was not anything which would have concerned most of humanity.  Today it is a burning question for very many people on this planet although for completely different reasons.

Although the present situation seems very difficult and almost hopeless – and I will describe why – there is a bright light shining on the horizon. Keep on reading through all the problems described!

Many people have to leave their countries

Topic #1, not only in Europe but in many countries of the world: the refugees and the migrants. Refugees definitely don’t want to stay in their own countries any longer, or better, they CANNOT remain there where they were born because of war and devastation. Migrants might not be directly threatened to be killed in their countries by actual malevolence, but they feel that they cannot find what they need there, enough food, education or personal freedom.

So, most of the people in the world move away from their home places because they cannot meet their basic needs for survival as a valued human being. They don’t actually know where they “would like” to be instead. Anything better, for sure. The best possible, if they can make it.

The problems of refugee camps

Syrians or other Middle East refugees who end up in the refugee camps in Lebanon or similar countries might live in physical safety from the violence of a war. They survive, but they are kept like slaves in the camp, without a passport if they happen to be born inside the camp, and they don’t have the possibility to ever create a life for themselves, a career, a purpose for living. They are kept in the camps because the country lives on the money which it receives from the UNO to run the camps. If the refugees left the camps the main economic pillar of the country would break away. So they don’t get any encouragement or help to move on with their lives towards a better future.

Migrants who search for a better life

Mother and child in precarious situation
A mother searching for a better life for her child

Then there are the migrants who leave their countries to find elsewhere a better life condition. Migrations have been a normal thing since the beginning of humans on this planet. Today they are perceived as a problem because, definitely, the people living in poverty want to partake, at least a little, at the rich life in the Western countries. Those people often are filled with the illusion that here in Europe everything is better for everyone – and partly it is true. Still, everyone who arrives gets food and shelter, but the people in the rich societies are, generally speaking, not very compassionate. They don’t really want to share a lot and risk to fall back into relative poverty themselves. This is totally understandable but doesn’t solve the problem. The problem was initially created – and still maintained – by the rich countries which became rich by colonialism and exploiting those countries from where the people are flooding in now. How can we find a balance here? By closing borders and building walls? Well, some leaders and many people think so, but it won’t solve the problem.

Who can choose where to live?

A man with "refugees welcome" written on his shirt
Many refugees want to go to Germany. At first they were welcome…

So, most people cannot really choose where to live, they have to tolerate to stay where they are or aim for somewhere, some place of which they don’t really know anything, where they probably won’t be welcome and where they would be forced to live a 3rd class life. And still, they risk their lives for getting to that somewhere-place.

What about us Westerners? When we build walls to keep others out we certainly expect that we, ourselves, are not limited by those walls and that we can freely choose to go to the other side as we like. A new form of colonization?  Maybe  the new settlers in the land of the unwanted people will be their unwanted people there – and they are most likely OUR unwanted people:  those who don’t have enough money to maintain the same good life at home as their fellow countrymen who are fortunate enough to not have been swallowed by the technological progress and its subsequent elimination of workplaces.

Especially those are the losers who are not super intelligent or super industrious. And also the old people who don’t get a sufficient pension to afford a decent western lifestyle and all those who depend on a social support which gets cut more and more because there is no lobby for the non-productive people – and nobody cares.

Can we chose where we want to stay?

So the question gets turned upside down: can we choose to stay where we want to stay? Can we remain in the country where we lived for decades and in the house which we have built up with endless years of work and investment? Or do we need to leave to go nowhere because the banks don’t care if we have a place to live or not, and not even that we have already paid them a huge amount of money which doesn’t seem to matter at all. Nor do the governments care when they invent all sorts of new taxes to fill their holes in the budget. Once a fully owned house was a guarantee for having a safe space for the future. This has changed. If you own the house you have to pay all those taxes if you have the money or not if the house gives you any income or only huge costs of maintenance. You just have to pay, regardless if you have some money left for food or clothing. The state comes first.

What is going wrong in our societies?

We had the illusion that our societies were built in service to its populations, an organization for living together in the best possible way. We have come to the extreme where the normal population is subdued to what others decide, call it democracy or not. The real power is somewhere else, not in the will of the people. Don’t understand me wrong, I am not advocating any ideas which would lead to communist totalitarian states, but I do claim that the government should have an ethical direction and the will to serve the people instead of giving a few people the opportunity to infinite power over the well being (or not-well being) of most of the population.

Considering the present world situation:

Where would you like to live? And where would it be possible for you to live?

– Nota bene, these are completely different questions.

two people sitting on ta beach
Where can they afford to live?

The astonishing fact is that it is not only the case of refugees and migrants to have to go away from their home countries and not really be able to choose where to go. Increasingly it will be the same for many people of the so called rich countries. Old people are outsourced in 2nd or 3rd world countries the culture of which is completely different than theirs – but where life and support are cheaper and affordable for their small budget.  

Going down the rabbit hole? – Where the light comes in…

We are on the way, down the rabbit hole, unless a huge change happens which turns upside down our financial system and economic powers and renders them into institutions in service of life and prosperity.

An illusion and wishful thinking? No, not at all.

The end of secrecy and the transformation of our societies

Un artesian well for pumping water without electricity
The old way of harvesting free energy

We are already in the middle of a huge crisis – the necessary stage for something new to emerge. When we are able to expose the secrecy and malevolence of who is really leading our lives and who keep their power behind the scenes by oppressing all information  which, for instance,  would free us from fossil fuels and similar necessities of our present life; when this secrecy leaks and no longer works and the new and basically free energy is available to everyone, that would be the end of poverty and the end of  wars – because we don’t need what others have and for what we are willing to fight, because everyone can get what they want without needing big corporations who maintain their power by creating artificial scarcity. There won’t be scarcity because of energy, or better the manipulation of energy is on the bottom of all problems. With free energy available to all, literally every person in the world, all costs would be drastically reduced and we all, included the population of the Middle East, could remain at home and live an abundant life.

There won’t be scarcity because of energy; or better the manipulation of energy is on the bottom of all problems. With free energy available to all, to literally every person in the world, all costs would be drastically reduced and we all, included the population of the Middle East, could remain at home and live an abundant life.