Have you noticed that both our worlds have changed?

That is, both the world outside us and the world within us. Ken Wilber wasn’t the first to discover this phenomenon, but he’s the one who articulated it to me.  And for that I am grateful, not simply for the realization itself but also for the difference that knowing that, deeply knowing that, is making in my life.

There is no need to look back on these recent years to see what’s happened out there.  We can look back maybe a few weeks or months, or years back to when we were born.  Seldom does history unfold at such a rapid pace, so much so that each generation in effect lives in a brand new world.

the current popular version of economic reality, but not reality!

And if Wilber – and others – are correct, this means that our internal worlds have changed in the context of the outer – and influenced the outer as much as the outer has affected our inner world.  The male car culture of my youth has been replaced by the nimble thumbed world of young people today, for whom driving a car is merely a maybe in their lives, not the burning desire that I recall as a teenager. Indeed neither of my two daughters cared much for driving, and the elder one has never driven!

All this is by way of introduction to relating just how much I in the past year or two have changed (and I hope progressed) in light of the external changes we have all witnessed.  The phenomenon of our 45th president is a case in point that we can use as a backdrop for illustration.

Do special interests need a conspiracy?

His campaign and now his presidency has left many of us openmouthed with disbelief.  That “us” includes many friends and nations (not always friendly nations) who find themselves adjusting, even jockeying, in reaction to his ascension. And we each, individually, have had to reconstruct in our heads (so to speak) a world that includes him.  

What is that process and how has it occurred for you?  Even if you were a fan of the Donald, for example, you probably have had to internalize it as much as his critics have had to. But here I will speak only for myself and mostly in generalities for the sake of illustration.

the originators of bread and circuses

While I was not a fan of Hillary I expected her to win and continue a tepid form of Obama like (Obamalite?) policies: a slow decline into a gradual collapse into what would eventually emerge into a new economic “era” befitting the decline of what Spiral Dynamics spokesman, Said E. Dawlabani, describes as the “Only Money Matters” era that began more or less in the early 80’s under Reagan.  But the new era would be a fine and positive step forward with a capitalism under control and serving the greater needs of society (yada, yada, yada…).

That unexpected change in leadership of the USA can serve as an example of what equally radical internal changes began to come to the fore.  I say “come to the fore” because these internal realities had lain nascent but quiet before the election (shall we say) and now began to show themselves as a no longer quite so quiet background to the surface show.

Facing a possible failure, and at least a postponement, of the “expected” development of a new level of awareness (not only in economics), I reached more deeply within to find and nurture dormant, or perhaps yet unconceived, personal possibilities.  Possibilities that were to “edgy”, too easily confused with “woo-woo” too “far out” to be shared with others with whom I had agreed – within a conventional politically left/right context.  Now what new realities emerged into ever clearer consciousness for me privately were not for casual party conversations, or even for some closer friends, sometimes not even for my wife!

undefined but perhaps authentic crop circle
perhaps an authentic crop circle

For example, how does a respectable and serious “senior citizen” who is well versed in relationships, politics, foreign and domestic policies, science, cosmology, philosophy, history, culture, well travelled, etc. bring up, in polite company, UFO’s, secret cabals of powerful interests, really advanced technologies that would return the Middle East to the backward deserts they were a century ago, really free energy that put out more than was put into it, rendering a hallway closet the source of what we needed to run our households, that would fit under the hoods of our cars, that would make our electrical grids and the utilities that own them obsolete?

What about faster than light communication, what about creatures so advanced elsewhere that they’ve been watching the “Earth Experiment” for thousands of years, for long before humans as we know them appeared on this planet? Why do they not simply intervene to save us from the misery we create for ourselves, as they have done for themselves as they have evolved into the creatures they have become in countless other locations in this – and other – universes?  Why can they understand us but don’t need language among themselves?

Have they truly found answers that we existentially search for?  Do they, regardless of their advanced material and immaterial states, suffer the same angst we do as we crawl up our own ladders of development?  Do they face death with the same fears we often do?  Or do they help us to reincarnate into better (or worse) lifetimes?  Can we actually incarnate into an earlier time than we now find ourselves living?

Is this house of cards that is our current dog and pony show about to tumble down because of the impossibility of keeping secrets – both “theirs” (the bad guys who own everything) and ours (which Google already knows about us)?  

I don’t use the word “believe” in these contexts, rather I can be convinced by evidence that is from more than plausible to irrefutable. The latest evidence that I and my doubting wife Heidi have been exposed to is Steven Greer’s just released film, Unacknowledged, which pounds home in scene after scene with testimony from intimately involved witness and participants in the the decades old coverups and unaccountable follies and criminal acts of vested interest and individuals.  Documents, film footage, eyewitnesses, assassinations, intimidations, etc. that reveal to anyone with an open mind that the world we (and especially we Americans) grew up in was a farce, just bread and circuses while the real business was going on under the guise of national security.

A friendly and famous 20th century ET, which I think they all tend to be!

Perhaps the ultimate perversity of this underground system is the creation of false flag incidents where the actual technology of the ET’s that we have “gathered” somehow from them is used to intimidate citizens who are about to speak out, pretending to be ET’s themselves!  The abuses go on and on.

In short, Greer’s film (available from iTunes) will frighten, convince, and eventually provide strength and hope that we will soon move beyond a future of fake politics of either the left or the right.  

I most highly recommend the video film “Unacknowledged”!







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